How to reduce plastic waste in your kids lunchbox

1. Ditch the single-served packaged foods

While miniature food portions (think Tiny Teddies, muesli bars etc) may be appealing to your children, one thing they certainly do not save on is packaging waste. Not to mention these options are far more expensive per weight, because of all the extra packaging, making them less budget-friendly. These brands are targeting children with their special sizes and packaging, while also targeting time-poor parents. 

2. Invest in a bento-style lunchbox

A good lunch box, with built in compartments, can help reduce the amount of packaging needed to pack your kids’ lunch before they head off to school. They can also help you save the time you would usual spend rummaging around for containers or bags in your kitchen draws. Rather than buying a new lunchbox at the beginning of each school year, opt for a durable and practical option, that is more likely to survive the likely neglect your child shows it during the school day.

3. Say no to single-use plastic and wraps

Once upon a time, single-use plastic wrappings like cling-wrapand zip-lock bags brought convenience into the homes and lives of many busy families, when the eco-friendly alternatives were either much more complicated or simply, non-existent. Many Australian companies are now offering new eco-friendly products to replace single-use plastics. These products take the form of reusable silicone pouches, wax-wraps and other material bags, wraps and pouches, durable products that will help your family save money and waste in the long run. 

Waste, to a certain degree, is unavoidable. Making sure you and your family are disposing of your waste in the eco-friendliest ways by separating your trash and recycling where possible, is one of the most effective ways to reduce your impact. 
The above information was shared with permission from the article 'How to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Kid's Lunchboxes' by Good Little Eaters